Indian Run Meadows
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Association Frequently Asked Questions

Our annual mandatory dues are $50, invoiced in September.

A sample full deed restriction is here.  
(All sections are similar, please visit Franklin County Auditor for other sections.)

A summary of deed restrictions is here.

Streets in Indian Run Meadows: Arapahoe Place, Blackhawk Court, Cavalry Court, Erie Court, Fallen Timbers Drive, Hopewell Street, Hopewell Court, Mesquite Court, Mojave Street, Muncie Court, Ottawa Place, Pueblo Court, Running Deer Court, Sachem Court, Schoolcraft Drive, Sells Mill Drive (one house), Sundown Court, Tara Hill Drive (partial), Valley Stream Drive, Wichita Drive, and Wichita Court.

Fences - In order to maintain the unique and precious greenspace created by the "meadows" behind many homes in our neighborhood, fences are very limited with respect to material, height and location by both City of Dublin code and Indian Run Meadows deed restrictions.  All fences require permit and Association permission.  Dublin's fence ordinance is here.
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Indian Run Meadows Civic Association, Inc.
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